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The Iron Yard - Day 05

September 01, 2015


Solidly into week 2 now and things got real. Our JavaScript assignment was pretty straightforward, and I had no issue getting that done. We had to make a table in HTML with some answers to JavaScript questions that Aaron provided to us. My version of the assignment ended up looking very nice. I learned some nifty things about using tables in HTML. Thankfully I have studied a decent amount of JavaScript to prepare for the course. It does tend to make sense to me overall.


Our other assignment has me twisted in knots. It deals with using forms in HTML, just like the little buttons a user will push or the checkboxes you see on a website. I have the page looking mostly right except a few elements just will not go into the correct place. I could only get about 60% of the way through the homework before I had to sleep. Hopefully this is a situation where things will just click when I approach it again in a bit.

Apparently, radio buttons and their text are nonsense to my brain on a Monday evening. I will have to work overtime to be able to get those up and running!

Breaks are helpful, I am finding. Occasionally you just have to get up and take a walk outside for a few minutes. In fact, your brain is still turning that problem round and round to work on it. Many times I have sat back down and busted out some serious problem-solving skills. Waking up and coding is just as beneficial.

Time to head to Day-06! Woot!

Michael D. Mathew.

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